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Vespa on the eway

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Saw a Vespa on I696 a couple of days ago - is that even legal? I don't think so. I think he went from Hilton to Woodward - kind of like the far right lane exit lane for like 1/4 mile - still I was cruising on the R6 around 85 or so and looked over and saw the gay looking fellow on a powder blue vespa on the freeway - he was wearing a full face helmet, shorts, t-shirt, etc. - I was like WTF? lol...
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One of these on the eway? :crazy:
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Gas Man said:
I'd pimp that at a hot bike night... all the chicks would line up! :lol: :gary:
The :gary: ones
ShanMan14 said:
I think it is legal. :crazy:
All interstate systems have a minimal speed. Usually 15 below what ever is posted.
You would have a hard time getting away with riding on like this on some county and state roads with 55+ speed limits.
Mudpuppy said:
didn't have a chance he was on and off too quick... i was 4+ lanes over exceeding the speed limit.. evasive navy seals manuevers would not have even worked... tried using the navy seals signals but to no avail.. brief moment of amazement followed by triple digit riding..
You would have need to pull a Matrix move or maybe A torque move. That would have got you close enough. :lol:
Mudpuppy said:
my favorite is pulling up next to a vette at a light and saying hey how much was that vette? $50k? Wow. That's cool. This bike was $5k and leaving them sitting in my dust as I wheelie off into the distance going 0-60 in 2.6.. lol..
You would be hard pressed to stay with a vettte once you both got rolling + you get wet when it rains.
Mudpuppy said:
oh really? what at about 150? the R6 will do 172 what will a stock vette do? 150? 155? so what if i get wet when it rains - don't have to pay the big insurance premium either - how many vette owners can say they pay $24 a month for full coverage?
Ill stand with Homer on this one :whistle: except, I don't own a Vette right now. :disapp:
Homer4598 said:
Personally, I prefer driving the vette when it's under 40 degrees, snowing, raining, when I have to dress nice for work, going out on a date, etc. I just have to live with the fact that my bike is faster. Darn.
Mudpuppy said:
vettes are a joke.. you couldn't pay me to own one.. that is the flagship of Chevy? Tells you alot about Chevy.. Try a Ford GT.. Now there is a real car to brag about not some overpriced underpowered piece of garbage like a vette.. Darn I will have to stick with my R6.. whatever.. another case of losers without a clue - you fuggers should start a support group there is enough of you.. :spam: :sorry: :welcome: :luck:
The Vette can compete with the GT for 1/2 the price.
Yea sure most SB are faster for 1/3 the price but, its a whole nother game anyway.
You might as well give up rworkman. MP always wins whether he wins or losses .:crazy: :lol:
Gas Man said:
Don't worry MP drives a Mercury Mistique... :tt:
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