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Vespa on the eway

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Saw a Vespa on I696 a couple of days ago - is that even legal? I don't think so. I think he went from Hilton to Woodward - kind of like the far right lane exit lane for like 1/4 mile - still I was cruising on the R6 around 85 or so and looked over and saw the gay looking fellow on a powder blue vespa on the freeway - he was wearing a full face helmet, shorts, t-shirt, etc. - I was like WTF? lol...
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I lived in Italy for 3 years and the Vespa is the way to travel. Many streets are narrow and most of the small towns have stone streets...that riding a bike is very slippery but the Vespa handles really well in those conditions...I think it's due to the smaller tires..but they are a blast to ride...especially the 125's and higher...great commuter bike if you live in the dorms or even just to go around probably would be suicide to try to deal with the freeway or highway traffic but for streets it is a cool ride...but not the purple/blue one you guys posted..that one is :gary:
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