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Vid editing help

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.. I have a small video from the weekend too that is pretty cool... Only problem is that it didn't stop recording when I thought I stopped, so there is like 20 seconds of grass and my shoes as I'm walking away...

Any free vid editing programs out there? I can't seem to find anything on my comp that will work. Oh, and its a .mov file.
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try this free program, works great for quick time files...

rad video editing
bumblebee said:
:wtf: :scratch: :tt: Does that mean it takes up a lot of memory and makes your computer work slowly??? American ShanMan, speak American...Remember you have us southern boys on here... :lol:
ya, video editing can bring a weaker computor to a crawl...need lots of memory and big harddrives since the files take up a lot of room, im no video editing genius at all but my rig is set up for hardcore gaming so i have a P4 3.2ghz overclocked and running 24/7 at 3.6 ghz , an ATI x800xt video card also overclocked to the max and a gig of memory,which sometimes still goes to a crawl in intensive action in doom3/ halflife2 scenes....gonna be going to 2 gigs of ram soon and 2 80gig hard drives.... but this machine is great for editing videos etc.....
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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