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Vid editing help

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.. I have a small video from the weekend too that is pretty cool... Only problem is that it didn't stop recording when I thought I stopped, so there is like 20 seconds of grass and my shoes as I'm walking away...

Any free vid editing programs out there? I can't seem to find anything on my comp that will work. Oh, and its a .mov file.
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ShanMan14 said:
I don't know of anything free. I can tell you editing video is incredibly system resource intensive. You'd better have a powerful system or be prepared to wait.

:iagree: Being an editing student for 2 years, I can attest the fact that video editing is just brutal on a machine that cant handle it. There are always ways of getting programs for "free". Just not leagal, and you will have to find them. you said its a .mov file. Thats quicktime stuff. You have a Mac? If not, Microsoft XP comes with Microsoft Movie Maker (it SUCKS but will cut out that 20 seconds of sneaker footage for you). IF you ahve a Mac, Look for I-Movie. It aint really cheap, and you can find it for a discount somewhere, perhaps even a 5 finger one (a virtual 5 finger discount).
pickle.of.doom said:
I have windows xp, and yeah I have a program called Windows Movie Manager, but it said .mov files weren't supported :(
I had a feeling that would be. I just checked Microsoft's website and they have windows Movie Maker 2 availble for FREE. That might support .mov but since its thier competitors file type, I doubt it.

I also did a search for "free movie editing software". has a guys top 7 free editing software links. Try this out and hopefully one of those will work for you. Just by grazing through the descriptions, try #4. IF you have no luck here then Google "Free movie editing software" there are a bunch of places. You will just have to look. If you cant find a program that supports .mov, try and find a .mov to MPEG/AVI converter or just a general converter that supports .mov files (those are uaully free as well), and change it to AVI or MPEG (AVI is nice but the file sizes are HUGE! MPEG is much more compressed than AVI) :luck: , Im off to lunch, and I hope this helps.
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