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Votes Are IN

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:welcome: To the new and improved bike club known as THE KRU. It took us many hours on the computer as well as on the phones trying to acheive a new name for our club. We came up with decision because the club is now open to ALL SPORTBIKES. We where getting to big and popular so we decided to branch out. I give thanks to all who posted here and e-mailed us.:twfrox: :dthumb:
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drewpy said:
i like the kru, that was my vote
Drewpy why u lyin........
is this club for real or a Hoax.......hey guys what about a club photo or something.......see some members bikes and members photos.........give us a feel for your KRU.....i don't think I'm asking for much...
gixxer1333 said:
well "HAMMER" I'm getting a little :yaewn: with you!!! I'm :sorry: but you say you have this Bike that people will :drool: over. I think your full of :bs: and I think your a little :crazy: I don't understand :scratch: you...I have offered to meet with you, and you fail to show up....for all I know you could be a 10 year old trying to be cool on this forum :whistle: .:help: me understand why you don't ride your Bike...if you even have one...I'm :disapp: in you
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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