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Want a new set of headlights?

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Ok, we were talking about headlights in another thread. I suggested some APC headlights that I've used in my bike for years. Well of coarse, as soon as I start talking about them the low beam on one of the lights goes out.

But, anyway, I found out that for some reason they aren't making them anymore. They have something named the same thing but the bulbs aren't near as blue meaning that when you put them in, they still give off a yellow hue, not birght pure white. And they're only 60/45W

So I called a buddy of mine that is in the sport compact scene and asked him what's up. He suggested this brand..

Xenon Crystal Bulb

They look awesome. Not too mention that they were way cheaper. $22.95 plus tax. Got them at a local vechicle assecory shop. Same place you would order a spoiler for your honda or a set of vent visors for the wife's SUV.

Found them on Car for $14 which is stupid cheap.

These are my new favorite.

I tried some other things at the auto store, Sylvania Silverstars, and they were junk.

Here's a pic of my set...

Hope this helps out some of you wanting a better looking light and more light output!
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Those are the new ones that they offer. But the older APC super whites were really blue like the eurolights. They actually look exactly the same. The ones in my pic are my old APC lights. They look EXACTLY the same and are only $23 retail and as I posted you can get them online for like $13. Plus those APC's you posted are only 60/45W were as my old APC's and the new eurolites are 100/80W... much nicer...
Oh and I think you can get them in singles!
Just reach in there and rub on them with your fingers!!

You only use one bulb right?
They were nice and new silverstars... they SUCKED!! Yellow as all Fuk! The new Eurolights look WAY better and with nearly twice the wattage output they shine way nicer than those POS'.

Closest thing to HID? :screwy: Put the silverstars next to my eurolights and the silvers don't look silver at all...they look off white/yellow. I know that mine can light up about 6 lanes + wide. On I-75 north at square lake road (where it is 5 lanes wide) I can light up grass to grass... on low beams! The high beams... sh yt! Forget about it! It just turned to daylight in front of my bike! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! NOPE!! F'in daylight!
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Sime.... we'll have a headlight duel!

As far as wiring, I've did this on many cars and bikes... no worries mate!
Sweet Sime... you'll have to forgive me for not riding down just for that... but I would say for a Hooters run it would work!
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I have a 2004 ninja, and it has two headlights, but only 1 comes on when it is on dims, and the second one comes on when you turn it to brights. I was wondering if you knew how to make it some both of them are on with the dims, and both get brighter with the brights on.

Ok so I get this PM.... you guys have any ideas on this. I was thinking you should be able to just run a jumper off each light over to the other light. But it may require a new plug for the bulb.

Which type of bulbs does the '04 ninja have in them? H4's?
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