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Want a new set of headlights?

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Ok, we were talking about headlights in another thread. I suggested some APC headlights that I've used in my bike for years. Well of coarse, as soon as I start talking about them the low beam on one of the lights goes out.

But, anyway, I found out that for some reason they aren't making them anymore. They have something named the same thing but the bulbs aren't near as blue meaning that when you put them in, they still give off a yellow hue, not birght pure white. And they're only 60/45W

So I called a buddy of mine that is in the sport compact scene and asked him what's up. He suggested this brand..

Xenon Crystal Bulb

They look awesome. Not too mention that they were way cheaper. $22.95 plus tax. Got them at a local vechicle assecory shop. Same place you would order a spoiler for your honda or a set of vent visors for the wife's SUV.

Found them on Car for $14 which is stupid cheap.

These are my new favorite.

I tried some other things at the auto store, Sylvania Silverstars, and they were junk.

Here's a pic of my set...

Hope this helps out some of you wanting a better looking light and more light output!
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Gas Man said:
I tried some other things at the auto store, Sylvania Silverstars, and they were junk.
You said that the Sylvania Silverstars are junk????? I find that totally impossible to believe. I have the Silverstars in my bike and they are absolutely freakin' awesome. Excellent white light that lets me see amazingly well at night..much, much better than the OEM bulbs. When I hit the high beam especially, I can completely light up an expressway sign from over a mile or maybe even two miles back. And even with cars way ahead of me, there's no question that it's my bike doing the illuminating.

Did you actually put the Silverstars in your bike and try them at night? I'm thinking tha maybe you got a set that were switched by another customer and returned...maybe you didn't actually try the Silverstars, but some cheap brand in the Silverstars place???

The Silverstars are excellent. About as far from junk as I could imagine.
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SVupON1 said:
I've actually heard that the silverstars produce the whitest light out of any bulb.
After seeing the results with my bike, I would believe that comment. These bulbs are almost comparable to the real HID's I had in my S2000 when I owned that.

For $250 however, you can get a read HID system for the bike. I don't want to do that because you lose your high beam, and i like having the high beam available to flash if needed, Couldn't do that with the HID system.

GM, we absolutely have to get together at night to compare then. Because your review is like you're talking Japanese to me. Your review of the Silverstars are the first ever negative review of the bulbs. I have only ever read excellent things about them, and have excellent results on my bike.

I'd like to firsthand see the difference you purport. This will be interesting.

And if the difference of your bulbs are so markedly more 'impressive' as you claim, then I will happily swap to the dark side and eat my words, but only if upgrading to the higher wattage will not damage my wiring system....because I have read that some of the guys on the RRzone forum have burned out their rectifiers with higher than normal bulb wattage!

Let's get it on!


PS. I never said they were the "closest thing to HID's"...I simply said the light output was almost comparable. There is a big difference in the wording bud!
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SVupON1 said:
I'm not big on buying things that attach to my bike I can buy at Wal Mart. Silverstar headlights are one of them. me out your post above, you appear to suport the Silverstars, but then in this post, you did a flip-flop and slam them. That's something that John Kerry would do!!! :skep:

What gives? :scratch:
ohhhhhhhhh. NP. thanks for the clarification!
Ding ding ding!!! :sw: :chair:

heh heh!

Lemme know what night will work best for you (when it's not raining). I'll bring my digi camera.
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