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Wanted bike in need of repair

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Im looking for a bike that has either been crashed or has a blown engine for tech school. I need a reasonable sport bike that can be repaired without spending more than its worth. I need all the information possible about the bike. Also needs to be able to be shipped if not in wisconsin/minnesota area. Please reply to [email protected].
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E-bay's not a BAD place to buy... if you know what your doing and don't get greedy with the deal... what I mean by that is... you'll get a good deal... maybe even a great one... but if it's too good to be true... pass it up... not worth the risk.

Also... I'm not sure about anyone else... but I haven't heard of any scams involving salvaged bikes... it's usually a 2004 R1 with less than 1000 miles for $2800 or so... :2cents:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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