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Wanting to test it out on one wheel.

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Although not a professional to say the least, haha, I was wondering what advice one could give me in trying to do a small catwalk(wheelie) or whatever its called these days. I have tried a few and seem to be able to a few deecent but short ones. I know its probably a dumb question, and most people will say im an idiot for trying it...well the rents do anyway, but yeah, any tips or ways to go about it, sitting down? standing up? Pulling up? leaning back? etc. Thanks! Dont scorn me for this question!!!
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Yeah you bet. Nothing extreme, just the basics and Ill develope and perfect it from there. hehe.
Thank you very much chief. I wil let you know how it turns out!
Hey I did a mini lil catwalk this morning! haha. Slight incline up hill, went for maybe 30 yards? Was pretty nice(for me) haha, longest one I have done yet. NO video yet though, haha.
Yeah im pretty much trying them everywhere I am now, haha. Still though Im very inconsistent and cannot yet shift and keep the wheel up in the air. Only first gear wheelies right now, but getting a lil better at them. I really dont know why I want to do them...its basicaly the one thing that I do want to be able to do though. I dont care for anything else...stunting and what not. ALways wearing gear for that no worries:) I wear gear most of the time anyway, I barely ever ride Nude. ha.
I just read that other thread on wheelies and I bring my bike up without any clutch at all but im probably reving alot higher. WOuld it be better to use the clutch?

Ps. Im on an R6
hahaha of course I know where to break lever is, i havent scared myseld doing one yet, im taking it easy, haha.
Ill be back on in a minute, im gonna go test something, Ill see exactly what rpms im at in order to get the wheel up

Back in a jif!
After Careful experimentation...including a hypothysis and a Conclusion...the front tire starts to come off the ground at 9-10 ish, haha. I dont run my bike super hard or anything, I wouldnt even say hard yet so I dont know...I feel bad for the bike reving this much...or is that ok for long as its not held there for lengthy periods of time. I keep trying to pull up like on my bike(pedal LoL) I should definitly stay away from that or?
I'll give it a shot
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