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Wanting to test it out on one wheel.

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Although not a professional to say the least, haha, I was wondering what advice one could give me in trying to do a small catwalk(wheelie) or whatever its called these days. I have tried a few and seem to be able to a few deecent but short ones. I know its probably a dumb question, and most people will say im an idiot for trying it...well the rents do anyway, but yeah, any tips or ways to go about it, sitting down? standing up? Pulling up? leaning back? etc. Thanks! Dont scorn me for this question!!!
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wheelies?? who does them......... lol be safe. n keep practicing casue once u learn how to get it up there quick its literally addicting. like u cant stop doing them, it dont matter where ur at ur gonna wanna do one. lol
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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