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We are home searching....

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Me and Carrie(3BoyzNaBike) are looking to move into a bigger home. We are looking at a few houses this week and next week. Here is a pic of 2 of them. Just wondering what you guys think of them from the outside since we haven't even seen the inside yet. Tell me what you think. :dthumb:

I am leaning more towards the first one. But thats me.
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I know what you mean Pig. I have a nice surround sound system that I have still yet to set up. Not much room to put it nor would it sound right in the condo we live in now. But thanks for the info as well.

I will let everyone know what I think of the homes this weekend. :dthumb:
We will let you know Pig. Maybe the other one has a larger living room. :dthumb: For the better. Its $35,000 more. :yikes:
ShanMan14 said:
First one I like much better. It also has a two car garage. :dthumb:

Thats what I am liking as well. :dthumb: Thanks.
jdog said:
That's my opinion also, but the second one is not a "raised" ranch so the maintance to it would be easy. I guess when I start looking for a house my biggest concerns would be if the basement is done, and garage space. Besides all the usually look fors, but i'm sure you have a home inspector for that.
I'm sure you guys are very excited. Good luck and have fun. Hope you find your dream house.

Like you wouldn't beleive. We have been sending sites with alot of pics of homes and looking at alot of them. This is a huge thing and we want to be sure we get what we want to stay in for years to come. But I like to be sure to get a home with a garage and a basement to turn into a game room later. :dthumb:
Don't worry about that part on the inspection...I have been reading alot on that topic. I will be going with him or her to be sure i am happy. And to check his past out to be sure there are ppl that had issue after he cleared a house. :dthumb: I have been doing my homework on this for a while now.
Pigface1 said:
I wish I talked to you before I bought mine, then. :rofl:

LOL...shes not lying on that one. She does have more tools then me. hehehe :lol:
Oh man, does she change your oil for you too?
No...I know how to do this and then some. I am pretty crafty when it comes to things like this and I know my way around the insides of a car. :dthumb:

bedroom "tools" don't count.
LOL Without all of thoses she still has more. :lol: :dthumb:
Update. We went to look at the smaller of the 2 homes and the inside of it needs way to much done to it. So we are going to pass on this one. So I called the owner of the second one with the 2 car garage and he is a total retard. I want to say other words but I will refrane for now. So I decided no on that one just from talking to him before seeing it up close. We are still looking. :dthumb:
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