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We are home searching....

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Me and Carrie(3BoyzNaBike) are looking to move into a bigger home. We are looking at a few houses this week and next week. Here is a pic of 2 of them. Just wondering what you guys think of them from the outside since we haven't even seen the inside yet. Tell me what you think. :dthumb:

I am leaning more towards the first one. But thats me.
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I like the second one! :lol: It is not even a block away from where we live now and the rooms are huge. (going by the description) Only problem is it on a main road (which I am weary about because of the boys) and not much of a back yard but enough for them to play! I can't wait to go look at them on Friday! Woo Hoo!!!!
Pigface1 said:
Women don't understand that, but if you're a surround sound guy, put that on your list. Seriously, I can't stress it enough. I know people with great systems, but they sound like shyt b/c the room sucks and there's no good spot for the speakers. :lol:
:lol: You're right because I never even though of that! :lol: The second house has a 25 x 18 living room so I think that would be great to hook up our SS system. Might even be good for that BIG screen we have been wanting. :dthumb:
Ha ha, thats the first thing i looked for too. i wouldn't buy a house unless it had a 2 car garage. I would have no room for tools

Oh that won't be a problem. I think that *I* own more tools than DJ does. As long as there is room for his baby to keep her warm, that is all that matters. LOL :lol:
Captain Morgan said:
bedroom "tools" don't count. :lol:
Shhhyt! Some of those tools are powerful enough to drill a hole through a brick wall in 2 seconds! :rofl: :here:
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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