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Web development software - Split from another thread

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Actually, we carry both of those brands, they just aren't on our site yet. 20,000 products left to enter in our online store and counting....

And yes, kneedraggers has a beautiful site. I tend to not like flash, but their use of it is really classy and not overdone.

You dont like flash? 80% of the web runs in flash.
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Some people use IDIOT software like Front page and IBM WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder that allows a 12 year old to build a working website. But then once you get your site working in the train wreck of software app you notice scripting is shady, so you use a site like that steals other peoples hard work and allows the hacks that run this software to make their website look and act like they know what they are doing.

My current company has a lawsuit pending againt, along with clients that downloaded the Companies copy ritten software.

To view how a website is setup rightclick on the webpage and view source.

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I don't like flash when it is overdone, which a lot of people do. As I stated, Kneedraggers did a great job with theirs. It's very tasteful.

As far as our site, the normal HTML pages are done by me...a NON-web person. So yes, I use Web Sphere because it allows us "normal" people to be able to build a web page. As far as the cart and all of the backend, that is hand coded by Roach, who was a software engineer for AOL for seven years. I wish I was as savvy as he is with 'puters, but I am just a college graduate of journalism and marketing. Not computers.

As far as "". I have no clue as to what the heck that is, and there is no reason to steal other people's code when you can write your own. And trust me, after seven years at AOL, Roach has no problem writing his own code. :dthumb: has been open for four years now, and spends a ton of time on their site...actually has a dedicated person to work on it. Unfortunately, we are just not at that point, but hopefully we will get there in the future. For right now, the updating is done by me so Roach has time to work on the back end and continually work on improving our site, and unfortunately, I have to use IDIOT software like Web Sphere. I do the best I can.

Im sorry didnt know you guys used websphere. i havent had the time to check out how you site was written but I didnt meam to include you guys as Idiots.... said:
Or, like (the worlds largest e-tailer), you don't use use things like flash that alienates the millions of people still on dial-up that will instantly leave your site when it takes longer than 20 seconds to load. Or not work correctly on the 18% of the market that isn't using MSIE and flash is either painfully slow (still a problem with some flash animations in firefox/mozilla) or not render correctly (Mac and Linux/Unix systems). I will not use MSIE on my windoze machine, and none of my other machines can even run it if I wanted to, so I see this a lot when visiting heavy flash sites ( is a prime example ... their main page does not render correctly in Firefox).

A pretty website with animaitons often isn't the best way to do things :) If everyone was on a broadband connection and you knew the pages would render exactly the same for everyone ... then, it wouldn't be a concern. A mixture generally isn't bad, but in many cases it doesn't really add much to the presentation unless you've got a graphics designer doing your animations for you.

I tend to do layout in a WYSIWYG tool to get a feel for how I want things to look, then hand-code everything. I think flash is cool, but I don't want the problems I outlined above when trying to reach the broadest audience possible. I sometimes use javascript for dynamic stuff like populating pull-down menus, but that's about it. Pure HTML is the only way you can guarantee fast loadtimes and cross platform and browser compatability, which is really important for a business site. For a personal site ... eh, I'd probably have a cool flash thing :)

EDIT: I have seen a few sites done entirely in flash that actually have a very good UI, load fast, and render correctly on all my machines. They are few and far between though, and you'd need a REALLY good flash designer and do a lot of testing to achieve it.

- Roach
All my flash sites open and render entirley on evey brower and machine. When your a designer you have to load all extentions and pluging for media types. With way maket is right now you can efford to make janky site.

My dominos website is the apple of my eye. There is ton of stuff that customers cant see but I designed the STAR system that allows all the stores to logon and order suppleys from the site. I desinged the shell before i left them for the internet customers to order pizza over the web. Great for hackers, pornsurfers and post whores, they dont even need to leave thier computer.

I just wish their pizza was a good as the site I built them.

I thought you said you didnt know what was. I found in you coding!!! Please explain?

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