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Web development software - Split from another thread

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Actually, we carry both of those brands, they just aren't on our site yet. 20,000 products left to enter in our online store and counting....

And yes, kneedraggers has a beautiful site. I tend to not like flash, but their use of it is really classy and not overdone.

You dont like flash? 80% of the web runs in flash.
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Some people use IDIOT software like Front page and IBM WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder that allows a 12 year old to build a working website. But then once you get your site working in the train wreck of software app you notice scripting is shady, so you use a site like that steals other peoples hard work and allows the hacks that run this software to make their website look and act like they know what they are doing.

My current company has a lawsuit pending againt, along with clients that downloaded the Companies copy ritten software.

To view how a website is setup rightclick on the webpage and view source.

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Or, like (the worlds largest e-tailer), you don't use use things like flash that alienates the millions of people still on dial-up that will instantly leave your site when it takes longer than 20 seconds to load. Or not work correctly on the 18% of the market that isn't using MSIE and flash is either painfully slow (still a problem with some flash animations in firefox/mozilla) or not render correctly (Mac and Linux/Unix systems).
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And I thank-you for it...Since I moved out to the dirt dial up has gone from avg of 48 - 52 K to 24K... :yikes: No cable :yikes: :yikes: investigating satellite ISP's that will be compatible with Direct TV. Direct wants over 100 bucks... :nonod: :cursin: ...Any Ideas?? may need another dish??

Oh, Yeah... :jacked:
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