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weird things on my bike......

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sometimes when i take a break or just stop riding and i get off there is this wierd humming noise that comes from what i believe is the gas tank? what is it and how do i stop it

and there is also a settting thing that is right next to the steering lock (you click the key a lil more to the left and it says PI or PL) it dosent do anything that i xcan tell so what is it for ????

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Right on is your gas tank breathing... next time it does it...just open your gas will give ya a BIG hiss and then re close it and it will have stopped.

PI PL????? Parking Incline & Parking Lights

As in one will lock the steering for parking on a incline or to deter someone from stealing it. The other will lock the steering and leave the parking lights on!

At least that's what my Kaw will do and it sounds correct...
yep, the triumph incident.....remember that one VERY well!!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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