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weird things on my bike......

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sometimes when i take a break or just stop riding and i get off there is this wierd humming noise that comes from what i believe is the gas tank? what is it and how do i stop it

and there is also a settting thing that is right next to the steering lock (you click the key a lil more to the left and it says PI or PL) it dosent do anything that i xcan tell so what is it for ????

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the whistling is because your gas tank is above the motor.. on a decnelty longer ride... it heats up the gas... its jsut the vapor escaping hte vent system... dont worry aobut it.. or if u want it silent then keep the tank full.. it will be quiet then
as for the PI PL thing... its a Suzuki.. its gonan have all sorta of useless

only thing im jealous of on the SV is the Grab bar in the rear.. good for stretching mid ride or for the girl to hold onto when your tagging it from behind while she holds the bike in the garage...lmao jk great for using to lay comfortalby on while held up in construction zones for the flagger.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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