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weird things on my bike......

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sometimes when i take a break or just stop riding and i get off there is this wierd humming noise that comes from what i believe is the gas tank? what is it and how do i stop it

and there is also a settting thing that is right next to the steering lock (you click the key a lil more to the left and it says PI or PL) it dosent do anything that i xcan tell so what is it for ????

:twfrox: :dthumb:
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yeah you guys are right!!
k now i need a job to get some good gear!!!

i have applied for like 12-15 jobs and no calls or nothin!! i finally ran into an old friend that works at round table (or pizza hut?? i forgot) that will tell his boss whats up and hopefully i get the job :dthumb:
lil cezars pizza hut (2) subway(3) railys dollar tree. richland, moutain mikes, round table, cost less foods, walgreens, and a couple more im sure but i havent got any call backs!!!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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