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Welcome to TWF - Step inside

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I created a thread around here somewhere awhile back welcoming the new folks, but I figured I'd start another.

We've had quite a few new registrations lately and I thought this thread could serve as a place for people to get their feet wet.

Tell us how you found your way here and anything else you want us to know.

Welcome to the site! Make sure to check out our giveaway section and sign up for a chance to win an Aprilia Scooter!

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dubbs said:
Whats up? Im new to the forum I live in Long Island, NY and i just got my free subscription to 2wt Mag Thanks again Matt for inviting me from SBN.. dont tell them but I can tell already im gonna like it a lot better here.

Welcome to the site, we're glad to have you here! :dthumb:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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