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Wet carpet!

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:wtf: I went to bed at 4:30am when I was done :whore: , I woke up at noon walk thru my hall way to make the coffee, and the entire hallway out to the living room is standing water, I didn't realize it until I heard sqwish sqwish and water flyin in front of me. Now my guitar amp, computer desk, file cabnit, and new Dell is soaked on the bottom. These apartments aren't that old, WTF does this have to happen! :damn: :cursin: :cursin: that's my :rant: for today.
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That stinks man. You call the apartment complex people? If it's the guy above you, I hope that he has insurance. That's why I got a bottom floor apartment, so when something happens above me and it floods/fires my stuff he's gotta pay for it! But if you have had a lot of rain, it may have come through the outside walls? Is that a possible theory? I don't know how your apartment is layed out.
That sucks man. Sorry. At least you got something good out of it, did you get something good out of it?

I met the girl that lives across the hall from me last night, she is a very pretty girl and we talked for a little.
SVupON1 said:
I haven't got something too good out of it...yet :lol: I just broke the ice gotta give it time :lol:

That's enough time! More than enough...
SVupON1 said:
for which one... the damage of the carpet and wall =DONE or the damage I may cause to "her carpet"? :rofl3: :rofl3:

That's good SV. Have I got anything? Hm, just her name, phone number and probably gonna go out this friday night.
SVupON1 said:
ok ok you are further than me Graf :lol: but I will be in contact with her tomorrow We'll see how it goes.

PLAYA PLAYA...Holla at ya boy! :dthumb: :cheers:
Gas Man said:

I'm sure you'll get a response from them Monday. Let us know what the a-holes say!

Or just let us know what the girl says...:lol:
You can obviously see what men think of like every 6 seconds!
ScottSellersUNR said:
Wheres the pics of all the water?
And good luck.

Graf--- i htink u need Video of the roomate posted to a link too when u are done... j/k

What roomate? I don't follow?
Gas Man said:
Now tell us how you really feel!

I understand your frustration, but give them the chance to fix it. That's always the first step. If they want to waste their money doing these things that may not work then let them. But keep a notebook of what's going on and keep lots of pics. I'm sure your state, much like others, have courts just for renters like yourself. Documentation is the key with pics. But don't take it out on the worker, he's just doing his job. You can point out your stance but understand he's just working.

:withstupi , just see what happens. Give it like another week or so and see what happens. If anything, I may just look for another place to live. :2cents:
That sucks SV, sorry. Just think, grab some soap and you don't have to shower in the bathroom tonight!
That would stink. I'd probably still be out riding though. I'm not all there if you haven't noticed though. :dthumb:
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