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Wet carpet!

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:wtf: I went to bed at 4:30am when I was done :whore: , I woke up at noon walk thru my hall way to make the coffee, and the entire hallway out to the living room is standing water, I didn't realize it until I heard sqwish sqwish and water flyin in front of me. Now my guitar amp, computer desk, file cabnit, and new Dell is soaked on the bottom. These apartments aren't that old, WTF does this have to happen! :damn: :cursin: :cursin: that's my :rant: for today.
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I have no clue...We had alot of rain yesterday and last night. I have a bottom appartment. I really don't see any signs of the water comming from the ceiling, but I do see some bubbles on the wall, but the drywall isn't soaked or bubbled out this is really got me :scratch: :skep:. My first thought was the persons bath tub above me, but I just don't see anything that wet for it to soak the entire carpet like this. :scratch:
Grafixx01 said:
That stinks man. You call the apartment complex people? If it's the guy above you, I hope that he has insurance. That's why I got a bottom floor apartment, so when something happens above me and it floods/fires my stuff he's gotta pay for it! But if you have had a lot of rain, it may have come through the outside walls? Is that a possible theory? I don't know how your apartment is layed out.
I called the emergency line, however they must have something routed wrong with their phone lines, I can't get ahold of any maitnence men today, so I atleast left a nasty message about what I think about their emergency contact line.
This atleast gave me a chance to talk to the hot chick next door! :dthumb: She's a little older than me hmm I'd say 5 or 6 years older, she's still do-able tho! :lol: so this is a ++++ :lol: she said this happend to her last year and they said they fixed it, well obviusly not, her carpet is soaked like mine, she came in for a little while to see where mine was soaked. I think hers is a little worse than mine.
MP i will copy the link into MP corner. :lol: edit>>DONE!!
Grafixx01 said:
That sucks man. Sorry. At least you got something good out of it, did you get something good out of it?

I met the girl that lives across the hall from me last night, she is a very pretty girl and we talked for a little.
I haven't got something too good out of it...yet :lol: I just broke the ice gotta give it time :lol:
Grafixx01 said:
That's enough time! More than enough...
oh yeah, well have you got anything "good" out of your neighbor accross the hall yet graf? :lol:
ShanMan14 said:
Take lotsa pics as evidence.
for which one... the damage of the carpet and wall =DONE or the damage I may cause to "her carpet"? :rofl3: :rofl3:
Grafixx01 said:
That's good SV. Have I got anything? Hm, just her name, phone number and probably gonna go out this friday night.
ok ok you are further than me Graf :lol: but I will be in contact with her tomorrow We'll see how it goes.
jeeps84 said:
Damn That sucks!
Renters insurance would help if you had it. Other wise you may have to sue the owners for damages.
Well I don't think any of my personal stuff got damaged, heres the letter without the pics and addy's I am submitting to them tomorrow.
Dear Management,

I am writing this letter to inform you of an “emergency situation” that occurred on this Sunday July 17, 2005 between 4:30 am and 11:00 am. Also I am writing on my behalf in apartment T-2 and my neighbor’s behalf in apartment T-1.

I woke up this morning and on my way to the kitchen to make coffee I walked thru a very large area of saturated wet carpet from the closet in the hallway all the way out to the middle of my computer desk in the living room. I do not exactly know where all this water came from, there are a few water spots on the wall and ceiling, but does not look like this amount of water could possibly come from these few wet water spots.

The bottom of my tool chest in the utility closet, file cabinet, computer desk, new dell computer, multi outlet surge protector and the bottom of my guitar amp are soaked with water. Luckily the water did not rise far enough to get into the electrical components that I know of at this time. I have very high wattage amplifiers and other components that were plugged in at the time of this occurrence.

I immediately talked to my neighbor this morning in apartment T-1 and asked her if her carpet was soaked with water, and she said, “Yes”. She also mentioned this happened to her last year in about the same time frame, and the maintenance men said the problem was fixed. Well obviously not, other wise this would not have happened again. We both agreed that this is unacceptable and the carpet will become moldy, and the base board underneath the carpet will become dry rotted and moldy. This needs some attention immediately

I attempted to call the emergency number provided in the lease to contact either management or maintenance to take care of this problem. The number I dialed was no longer a working number; however the recorded operator did tell me the number had been changed and provided the new number to call. All I got out of 4 attempts was a recording from an answering machine. I also tried the extension number for emergency maintenance and the operator on the recording said this is not a valid extension. My neighbor came over about 45 minutes later and asked me if I had any luck contacting management or maintenance. I told her no, she said she didn’t have any luck either.

I would like this problem resolved immediately, there is damage to the carpet, base boards, wall, ceiling, and paint. I have included pictures of the visible damage above the carpet. Please work with me on getting this resolved ASAP.


Chris Bereznak
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jeeps84 said:
Don't let that hot neighbor slip away!
OH $heet :jd: I've been :whore:ing all day I didn't realize it's already past 1 am....I gotta go swim to my room and get up at 6am for work! :doh: :damn: I gotta take the bike in tomorrow for the valve job too. Busy day
me either, what room mate?, I'm lost
aight! I come home on lunch today..the maitanence guy is in my apartment with a big freakin turbine fan, i said whats the deal man. He said this should dry it out. I said no it won't, or atleast not properly. I said the carpet is going to be moldy, and the base board will dry rot. He said the carpet cleaners will be in tomorrow. WTF, that does nothing for the base boards. I ate lunch then went to the apartment management and turned in my formal letter as posted above with high res. pics. the lady got pissed off and real defensive. She said this will be taken care of (real RUDELY) i said I want the walls fixed and painted also, she said. I said it will be taken care of, i said what ever hoe and walked out Pissed off. We'll see what happens within the week. I will write higher in the chain if its not fixed. yet they are using my electric to power this big freakin turbine fan. WTF!!! if my electric bill is alot higher this month I will send them the balance to pay.
and they want to know my decision my the end of the month if I am staying for another 6 months...LOL yeah probably since I don't want to move all my [email protected] again. LOL.. the maintanice man is actually pretty cool as I found out later in the day.
NOT A [email protected](!&gin its pouring down rain here, i am in the middle of :whore:ing, then I hear water pouring down in my apartment. I said WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! I open the utility closet and water is gushing out of the ceiling :cursin: :cursin: :cursin: :cursin: :cursin: I said f this and f that! I said the hell with the calling the 24 hour operator to patch me thru...I had the maitanence mans number from the other day when he called my I called him direct. He came over here pretty quickly. He said he has been dealing with this leak for 3 years now, but its getting worse.
Apparently this is connected to a a/c PVC pipe somehow, he went upstairs and stopped up the pipe. For now this is working...but I hope it doesn't apt will flood like no other if this happens. I asked him about the ceiling if they are going to cut out the drywall and replace it, he said probably not..I said WTF this is BS. he said ahh they will probably just spackle and paint it. :wbs: is what I think.
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This is my 2nd letter I am submitting tomorrow since I had another flood with in 4 days of the first flood.
Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you of a “second emergency situation” that occurred in less than one week. My apartment flooded again on July 21, 2005. I have since found out that this apartment and the neighboring one (T-1), have had these problems for several years. You have leased this apartment to me with a known hidden defect and I consider this fraud on the part of Aspen Hill’s Apartments.

This is an unacceptable situation and you must resolve it immediately. It is both a life and health safety hazard. The water is running in the ceiling over the furnace closet and could cause an electrical short and gas explosion. The apartment smells musty and I’m sure mold and mildew is forming under the carpeting. The ceiling, base board and walls a soaked as well as the carpeting. I had to move my furniture away from the flooded areas and I cannot use that portion of the apartment. This is an unacceptable living condition.

I am requesting that you assign me a new apartment under my existing lease agreement and that you cover any associated costs with the move such as utility transfers, deposits, etc. I believe this is a fair and reasonable proposal and I await your response.


Chris Bereznak
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Gas Man said:
Keep your documents and contact your cival courts for landlord tentant disputes!
The last letter I hand delivered, well this one I am sending certified mail where they will have to sign for it, and I will get a signature comfirmation back that they signed for it. There is no :wbs: oh we never recieved a letter from the tenant. That is if it goes that far (court)
This really frustrating because these are nice apartments and in great shape, except mine and my neighbors.
I have everything documented in Word, and paper print outs, with high res dated pics.
ScottSellersUNR said:
Hopefully the hot neighbor stays next door in another building. And ya, id make em either let you out of the lease complelty and a full refund of deposit including cleaning fees if they wont move you elsewhere. Id also try to make them pay for movers and to dry clean your furniture.
yeah I am hopeing I either get to move to another apartment with the hot neighbor next door...or I get another hotter neighbor.LOL I am lucky the only thing that got wet furniture wise is the bottom of the file cabinet and computer desk, the bottom of the new Dell got it too, but all that cleaned up.
If they don't give me another apartment, I am terminating this lease and moving. i want a rental house, but I wanted to wait until next year for that.

Those [email protected] didn't do anything today but open the door of the utility closet and point the turbine fan in there. WTF!! I did mail out the letter today, I had to pay $4.50 just to sent that certified, and the apt office is right infront of my apt.
Gas Man said:
Update SV!!

And how far have you gotten with your HOTT :drool: neighbor... also WHERE THE F are my pics of her? :D
So far nothing has been done nothing to my carpet, besides it drying out, and my walls still look like $hit.
The hott neighbor...well haven't got to far with that either. I took a vacation over the weekend, and I was out riding earlier last week. The pics...well I still need to snap a few of her. I'll be a stalker. :lol:
ScottSellersUNR said:
When did they make u a moderator Gas? Did you drug Shan to get that?
This forum is ruined now :help: :whistle: Just kidding.
He bacame a Mod last week.
OK back on topic...don't jack my thread!!! :lol:
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