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What cell company do you use?

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I was wondering what cell company people are using and what they think of the service.
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I just switched to t mobile from verizon.. Verizon has the best network but the shi(*& phones, plus they are missing alot of features and toys. they are the most expensive as well. T mobile is awesome around in chicago recently they are one of the cheapest and they only have a 1 year contract. If I were you I would not sign anything more than a 1 year contract because there is a new system coming out soon and the new phones are going to be much more advanced
Gas Man said:
I think T-Mobile just uses Cingular network....

I hate motorola phones! my current work phone (verizon 2-way) is a motocrapola and it SUCKS donkey nuts!

No they dont. Cell companies dont like to share. They charge each other insane amounts when a competing competing customer roams onto there network
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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