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What cell company do you use?

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I was wondering what cell company people are using and what they think of the service.
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SVupON1 said:
I use Nextel because it seems to work fine, [email protected] good plan, and the direct connect is handy. 1000 anytime minutes, free night and weekends after 9p, unlimited direct connect for $54.00 a month.

I've gotten screwed with so many other cell companies like Cingular, then At&t when they cingular bought them out.
Man ppl get so screwed i worked for AT&T and now for Cingular.
Ok here is the low down.

Cingular and T-Mobile use a technology called GSM (unless you have a really old Cingular phone it could be TDMA)

Sprint and Nextel use CDMA

Completely diffrent technologies. NExt with Cingular and T-Mobile they only share towers in some markets for the most part t-mobile has high coverage in large cities and Cingular is nation wide (although lacking in quality in the rural from what my customers tell me).
cycledesign said:
I used to work for a company testing games and applications on cell phones. The cool part was just that, at least for people who are really "into" cell phones, I got to try out pretty much every phone on every carrier. Honestly, Cingular was one of the better performers and that's why I'm with them today. In my opinion:

Verizon - Overpriced voice, data, and handsets but had the best data plans available and decent customer service, especially if you were on a business plan. If you could get a handset on the internet and unlock it then you'd be ok for a decent phone and like an evdo/bluetooth setup.

T-Mobile - Had the best selection of handsets and the best price offerings of anyone we tested but also had just about the worst service and worst support.

Cingular - Kind of a middle ground of handset choice/service/support, at least since the AT&T merger. Before that AT&T had the absolute best support (IF you had a business plan) and decent service. The odd part was that AT&T phones had an unreasonably high amount of confused calls (where two people who were trying to make calls at the same time get their calls switched up).

Sprint - Sprint had decent service and decent support but I have to say I hated every single handset I ever used with them and that's why I could never go with them. For someone who's into phones, there's not much you can do with them. If you try to hack them they won't work with 90% of the proprietary services Sprint offers. And as far as loading Java apps and stuff, all the other phones have some sort of Jar file uploader but Sprint makes you compress it or something in a weird way and upload it to some server and download it via your phones browser or something. I've heard of great prices/plans people have gotten and really bad ones as well. HOWEVER, if you're just looking for a phone to make and receive calls (not much more), then Sprint may be your best choice.

Nextel - Nextel really does provide great business phones because (a) there's not much else to do with them besides talk and (b) they're some of the sturdiest phones I've ever seen available to the public. Some of these tough Motorolas they offer are really tough. We've dropped them a couple stories and they're cool. I've dropped my Nokia 3 feet and cracked the lcd/severely messed it up. I don't think they're great for personal phones.
Out of all the phones we should just say what the worst are.. I would say for the most part i deal with returns on Sony Erricsons and LG phones.. Stay away from those.. Nokia and Motorola have been in the business long enough to make decent devices.. Motorola however does have alot of issues with network strength. Lots of cusotmers call with both copanies of phones and they always say nokia has a stronger signal.
itgirl25 said:
i have cingular and a motorola phone and so far am pretty satisfied with both. no major problems with either, so that's a good thing. i recently downsized my plan from the 450 minutes/month to 200 minutes, i only use about 150 minutes/month ever. i have like 4000 rollover minutes accumulated. the thing that gets me is that by downsizing my plan i lose my mobile to mobile calling and rollover minutes options. that is a rip-off there! i mean, i am trying to save myself $20 here a month. why should i pay for minutes i am not using. so i guess they always find a way to get you coming or going. i'm gonna try it for a month and see how close i come to using all my minutes.
Fair enough. Thats the bigest complaint. The $29.99 plan has no rollover and no M2M. The other thing is if ytou had been on the $59.99 plan and had like 4000 min rolling forward and then moved it down to the $39.99 plan they only allow you to keep as many rollover min as your plan has.. which means bye bye 4000 rollover and hello 450.
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