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What cell company do you use?

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I was wondering what cell company people are using and what they think of the service.
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First off they all suck somewhere at sometime.

I had a Nextel for work... it sucked!
Now I have Verizon with 2-way... IT SUCKS MORE!!
And we're going back to Nextel... :nonod:

I have always had Sprint for personal phone... it rocks, has great service... great 2 way... great phones... just AWESOME!!!
I had my problems with sprint..but that was soooo 3 years ago!!

Plus what alot of people don't know is that the phone itself can have alot to do with it! I only use Sanyo phones!
I think T-Mobile just uses Cingular network....

I hate motorola phones! my current work phone (verizon 2-way) is a motocrapola and it SUCKS donkey nuts!
yeah well with Sprintel now... the old Nextel customers are going to be getting better phones....
Yep... Marko... my Motocrapola Verizon phone drops EVERYTIME I try to hold it up with my shoulder... EVERY :rant: F'in TIME!!!! :cursin:

MF'er I hate that phone!!
Monster231 said:
No they dont. Cell companies dont like to share. They charge each other insane amounts when a competing competing customer roams onto there network
I'm pretty sure.... wel.... they don't share... they rent tower usage...
Yep...annoying..great for work but annoying! No great way to ignore them...

Anybody seen the new cingular 2 way... with the ability to appear "offline"??????????
Cycledesign... a good write up!
jeeps84 said:
Verizon cost to cost.
What's that? Cost to Cost? Is that some new fangiled pay code? :D
jeeps84 said:
Hey I have a work phone that I don't pay anything for... and I still hate it!! F'in motocrapola Verizon POS!!! :rant:
Ya BM... where ya been?
I would sue em!
1 - 13 of 51 Posts
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