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What cell company do you use?

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I was wondering what cell company people are using and what they think of the service.
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tombstonex said:
I was wondering what cell company people are using and what they think of the service.
I use Nextel because it seems to work fine, [email protected] good plan, and the direct connect is handy. 1000 anytime minutes, free night and weekends after 9p, unlimited direct connect for $54.00 a month.

I've gotten screwed with so many other cell companies like Cingular, then At&t when they cingular bought them out.
tombstonex said:
Man ppl get so screwed i worked for AT&T and now for Cingular.
I really got screwed. The first time Cingular screwed dad saved my ass on that one. He knew the Vice President for Cingular so she was able to fix everything, even the collection charges.
Gas Man said:
First off they all suck somewhere at sometime.

I had a Nextel for work... it sucked!
Now I have Verizon with 2-way... IT SUCKS MORE!!
And we're going back to Nextel... :nonod:

I have always had Sprint for personal phone... it rocks, has great service... great 2 way... great phones... just AWESOME!!!
:iagree: with sprint's phones are awesome, but i remember when their service sucked. Now that nextel and sprint are together it just doesn't matter anymore if anything it can only get better on both ends.
Gas Man said:
I had my problems with sprint..but that was soooo 3 years ago!!

Plus what alot of people don't know is that the phone itself can have alot to do with it! I only use Sanyo phones!
I tend to use Motorola....duh nextel. :lol:
Monster231 said:
I just switched to t mobile from verizon.. Verizon has the best network but the shi(*& phones, plus they are missing alot of features and toys. they are the most expensive as well. T mobile is awesome around in chicago recently they are one of the cheapest and they only have a 1 year contract. If I were you I would not sign anything more than a 1 year contract because there is a new system coming out soon and the new phones are going to be much more advanced
I only sign one year contracts anyway. I just upgraded my phone last month and I refused to sign a 2 year so I paid a little extra to sign the one year.
Gas Man said:
I think T-Mobile just uses Cingular network....

I hate motorola phones! my current work phone (verizon 2-way) is a motocrapola and it SUCKS donkey nuts!
I've had some donkey nut motorola phones and some good motorola phones. My new i870 is by far the best one I've had so far.
Ball_SaK said:
Nextel and it blows.

never works 1 bit.. i miss calls, miss messages, drop convo's, and the quality of voice when it does work is really not understandable.

I dropped my last nextel phone off the bike on the interstate and got another one as a replacement from my company- still sucked the same.... i then upgraded to a newer model hoping it would fix the issues.. nope the service is just crap.

I swear that phone is going to be the end of me. It makes me so mad
Yuh well it's by far one of the only cell compaies that haven't screwed me over yet, and I seem to get decient coverage as long as I'm not at home. Besides dude how are ya gonna beotch your phone is FREE and you're not paying a penny for it!!!! :lol:
1 - 7 of 51 Posts
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