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what do you guys do besides ride

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you got hobbies????????

i collect knifes and of course dirtbike i also injoy lifting weights

what do you guys do
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Prior life: Computer software engineer, working 60 - 70 hours a week for a huge corporation, making big bank. Rode bike to work, occasional group rides on weekend when I could get the time. Used vacation time to race. Always good with hands, did own maint and helped friends.

Current life: Work 50 hours a week running online motorcycle shop and working in a service shop, making so much less it's silly. Quality of life: 100% improvement. Race on weekends, do track days, control ride, teach at racing schools on some race weekends. Do what I love.


Brian Roach
Gas Man said:
Anyway, I don't do much. Watch movies with the wifey, drive down and visit family, hang out with friends, whatever to stay busy. Nothing really really cool. Plus I work all kinds of strange hours.
As most of you have seen, my wife and I work together and run the online side of the shop ... so we hang out a LOT :)

As for hooking anyone up ... maybe in a couple years when we're able to afford it! What I will say though is that working for yourself is very cool ... but terrifying at the same time. I'm glad we're trying it though.

- Roach
zx636r said:
i would like to take a big chance and start a company or buy a franchice someday but man it is a huge gamble. plus you ahve to be able to afford it. how long has speedworks been around and how much have sales grown since it starte.
Steve started the shop in '95. It occupied a stand-alone two-car garage he rented from a car lot. I started working for Steve in '01 as a mechanic (after quitting my job as a software engineer), and that year we moved the shop to its current location, with about 2500 sq feet of space. Last year in Sept, we launched the e-commerce site and leased the next unit in our commercial building (the old tenent moved out), giving us a total of about 4000 sq feet for both the service shop, a small retail floor, and the web business.

The shop itself has grown steadily year to year in terms of business ... but it is a slow process. The website is definately going to increase the retail sales, as the shop has always been focused on service before now, and we're hoping it also serves to bring in more service business as well. Again, it's a slow process ... I hoping we do well, but you never know. As you mention - you have to put away some money and plan if you decide to do your own thing - you're going to have to put money into the business, and live off savings until you get to the point where you're making enough to cover your own bills.

We'll see how it plays out ... worst case, we have to go work for someone else again ... but at least we'll never have that "I wish I had tried ... " thing going on.

- Roach
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