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what do you guys do besides ride

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you got hobbies????????

i collect knifes and of course dirtbike i also injoy lifting weights

what do you guys do
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thats cool your into trackter pulling :dthumb: :twfrox:

you got your own trackter??
thirdgenlxi said:
Nothing really, for me. Working full time 6 days a week and going to school full time 5 days a week at two different schools, doesn't really leave much time for anything else, LOL. Nah when I have a little free time, I like travelling and going new places, or taking stuff apart just to see how it works if I have nothing else to do. I'm not really much into collecting stuff, except unique items for my car, like all the magazine advertisements and such which I frame and hang on the wall, and I have a cool glass desktop plaque thingy for the 1,000,000th Accord to roll off the Marysville, Ohio assembly plant (which was a 3rd gen, 1988). Other than that, I live a pretty dull and boring life :yaewn:
yeah me too i forgot to mention but my mom takes me and my sister on a cruise usually once a year for the past few years!!! ive been on 5 crouses and a trip to mexico and hawaii
furorange said:
Damm third that is alot of work and school.

bulldog, you've been on 5 cruises thats cool. I want to cruise Alaska.
No I don't have a puller, I work on one.

y2k, what kind of car do you have? What shows?
We have gone to the Streetmachine Nationals in the midwest for the last 11 years.
i havent got to do that one yet we are thinking of that in a while
:jacked: :jacked: :jacked: :jacked: :jacked: :jacked: :jacked:
lol its okay i do it too :lol: said:
Prior life: Computer software engineer, working 60 - 70 hours a week for a huge corporation, making big bank. Rode bike to work, occasional group rides on weekend when I could get the time. Used vacation time to race. Always good with hands, did own maint and helped friends.

Current life: Work 50 hours a week running online motorcycle shop and working in a service shop, making so much less it's silly. Quality of life: 100% improvement. Race on weekends, do track days, control ride, teach at racing schools on some race weekends. Do what I love.


Brian Roach
that sounds great !!!
hey im good for somethin!!! :lol: :lol: i knew this would be a good one

ive just got to stay away from the threads i dont know about till i get my bike then ill get a lil more respect around here and show you who wears tha pants :whistle: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
zx636r said:
I want this life. hook me up im like 3-4 hours away
he goin to hook me up first b/c i need somewere to live after high school!!! :thumbs:
zx636r said:
oh no you getting booted after you graduate?-bulldog

i was thinking of going back to school for motorcycle engineer/mechanic or auto mechanics but i just dont have the money to do it and i need a full time job to pay my bills.
naww she would never do that i just dont want to mooch off her after high school i probably will stay home for a while when im in college but i was just joking around --im lucky i got a great mom :thumbs:
twisty said:
I workout everyday and spend time with my Girl and the dogs.
you meen for strength or for skinnyness

if its for strength how much you put up???
cool yeah i am worried about me looking to big for a crouch rocket!! i am pretty big but i am really strong (especialy for my age)
Gas man i dont meen skill wise or like the bike is small!!!!!!
i meen i am big and it might look dumb with me on it but i dont care i am gettin anyway
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