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what do you guys do besides ride

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you got hobbies????????

i collect knifes and of course dirtbike i also injoy lifting weights

what do you guys do
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First i knonw a guy selling a chevelle in very good condition 8000, i think he still has it

went to school for computer programming, and still dont have a job doing it, i work at a boring IT Helpdesk right now but im 20 i got time. other than my new bike. i do love my 91 mustnag gt which i need to get back to work on. of coarse i ride my dirtbikes and 4wheelers when im not on my streetbike. I play alot of PS2 online lately. lift weights 5 days a week. Screw around with Gas RC cars and trucks every now and then. and of coarse every guys hobbie drink beer. said:
Current life: Work 50 hours a week running online motorcycle shop and working in a service shop, making so much less it's silly. Quality of life: 100% improvement. Race on weekends, do track days, control ride, teach at racing schools on some race weekends. Do what I love.


Brian Roach
I want this life. hook me up im like 3-4 hours away
oh no you getting booted after you graduate?-bulldog

i was thinking of going back to school for motorcycle engineer/mechanic or auto mechanics but i just dont have the money to do it and i need a full time job to pay my bills.
i would like to take a big chance and start a company or buy a franchice someday but man it is a huge gamble. plus you ahve to be able to afford it. how long has speedworks been around and how much have sales grown since it starte.
trust me you wont look too big for the bike. im 215 right now, usually i get down to 195 durring the summer, lol at 190 im getting too skinny.
only use it when im talking to ppl that have no clue what a zx, gixxer, r1,f4i, etc are. usually old ppl. lol. casue ppl that dontknwo ask you what kind of motorcycle you have and you say zx6r and they say. HUH? and you just wanna smack i usually use the term BIKE but then ppl mistake it for a bicycle. i cant win.
1 - 6 of 65 Posts
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