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what do you guys do besides ride

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you got hobbies????????

i collect knifes and of course dirtbike i also injoy lifting weights

what do you guys do
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well ive been pretty busy in work the last few years, but up untill last year i was coaching girls tournament and city softball teams traveling all over new england and I am also a high school track and field official, played a lot of golf also, now I just sort of hit the drag strip once in a while with the vette and take nice cruises with the wife...more a homebody now cause my wife put up with me being pretty busy for many years and she deserves my time now.... :cheers:

ive been playing a lot of first person shooter games the last few years also, Halo, HL2, Doom3, area 51 etc.....was into overclocking computors for a while but that got expensive and now i just over clock the cpu and the video card for gaming only....
I try to keep myself busy...I use to hang out with friends all the time when I lived in KY until I had to go where the job is here in there's no one for me to hang out with anymore. Besides work..I sit on TWF and watch TV all day, and occationally go out to a bar and drink, watch a band and smoke cigs all day.
I do go on a mini vacation almost every other weekend somewhere tho most of the time I either haul the bike in the truck with me...or I ride the bike.
I ride a Fireblade and the Missus rides a Babyblade!! Work as an IT Tester in the Mortgage Industry!! Hate the job, but it pays well!!
Wow, It seems a lot of people here either work in IT or just anything with computers. I myself work the IT department at my job and I dig it.

Away from work I usually either go to school or hang out with my friends (girlfiriends brothers) usually at my girlfriends house, watch TV, play video games, fish, shoot guns or pool, fix up cars, bikes, yard work (my fav :disapp: ) or any project that comes along. I also found a new hobby in grilling (as in steaks, chicken, pork, and my new favorite beer brats :drool: ) My garage just got the floor poxied and a new workbench was put in, so now I have my own project to work on for the weekends to come.
Beside taking care of my son & my wife, I do the usually activities related to pistol shooting:bullet casting, reloading & shooting and riding the bike.
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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