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What do you guys think of this?

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I found another '93 CBR900RR, just like my old one.

6700 miles, this thing is super clean! Spoke with the guy tonight. He said that he'd deliver it to me if I paid $5K for it. The thing is, I don't think it's worth more than about $4K to $4200. Clean book on it is high 3s.

Plus, then I'd have two of the same bike - unless I got rid of my *MINT* 6100-mile, 1997 Double-R.

Now even cleaner since I installed a fender eliminator kit.....
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Gas Man said:
That's sweet but don't pay over what it is worth unless the shipping is worth the difference... plus he is probably charging more due to the polish job!
That's my 900.

Here is the eBay bike:
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Pigface1 said:
I'm thinking about why you are even considering it.
So am I, Pig. :lol:

Pigface1 said:
You already have one, plus, you're paying more than it's worth. :willy:
Lots of good memories of my old '93. I've always regretted selling it. And if there was one bike that I've owned that I could have back, that would be the one. I still remember when that bike was first released....people were flipping out! If I got this eBay bike, I'd probably sell the '97, and I wouldn't buy it for the price the guy is asking.

And for the people that say that it's old technology, outdated, '97 has been modded a little bit, and I've never had any problem hanging with guys on newer sportbikes. And the capabilities of that '93 are far greater than most street riders will ever be able to explore on public roads.

After I posted this thread last night, I went out to the garage and worked on my bike a little bit, polished it, etc. I'll probably end up just keeping it.
Earlzach said:
I'm not sure anyone said it wasnt worth owning. It just isnt worth the money when you already have what seemed to be a better bike. I didnt get the impression you were geting rid of one for it. Mybad. I thought you wanted two. That seemed nutz.
It probably is. And I thought about keeping the '97 and getting the '93, which is probably even crazier. I'm just a sucker for older bikes/cars that have been kept in showroom new condition.

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