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What Exhaust ( Can) Will fit my bike

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I have a 2000 GSXR 750, I want to put a pipe on it to make it sound a bit meaner. What kinds of pipes woudl fit my bike. I have learned to buy used exhaust parts becaue i have a habit of changing them often until i find the sound i want, so really i am looking to see what other model are alos compatible with minimal modification. Ex.. Will a yosh pipe from a 02 busa fit etc etc
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Need4Speed said:
And we still couldnt pass him :lol:
:lol: you know that's right! :D

But I would get a Micron or a Yosh. Just order it for your bike... no big deal... most of your websites will allow you to just select your model and year...and BAM you'll get it...

I suggest
Yeah but I think most people use the word "slip on" interchangably. On my Kaw 9R my Micron was a bolt on as well....
Jardine pipes aren't bad... I can't say anything bad about them...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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