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What is this stuff

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How much is it, and where can I get some?
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I did my Kat like that. I, along w/ alot of kpers use gutter mesh(mesh mod). I got my at home depot. 5"x8' roll for like 8 bucks. I have pics of how it's done on my other computer i'll post them here later.
Still waiting for my daughter to email me the pics. But, here is a link to a how to mesh mod on a Katana. Link didn't show half the pics for me but all the detailed instructions are there. Any questions just ask me. Two things off the bat, don't use a glue gun, and make sure the mesh is going the same directions on both sides of the cycle. Not funny, I did it. LOL
Someone said the glue wasn't any good. Didn't try it, just going w/ what they said. Here is a good pic from the inside.
Yeah, you're gonna cut a piece about 1" around bigger than you need for the hole. That much will give you plenty to mold with. Using a welding hammer and some needle nose plyers. After you have a good fit, use a pencil or popsicle stik on the outside with twisty ties. Twisting the pencil to draw the mesh tight. Use the opoxy you want and be genarous with. Cause no one is gonna see the inside. For the places that might not want to stay down use the weld stuff. It's clay like and will fit in good where the opoxy won't. Oh and make sure you use the thicker opoxy or just the weld. The other stuff will just run. I ended up using mostly the weld stuff. At first it might seem like it won't work but when that stuff dries it's bad arse. Had mine on all season and no discoloration or glue breakdown. One thing to consider is if you want to paint the mesh before putting it on. I wish I had. Just keep posting in here if you have any questions. Any at all cause that shiznit is on when it dries. Very inexpensive mod and looks bad arse.
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All the stuff is rated for high temp. The weld stuff is like two puddies you roll together and you can get it at a automotive store. They use it on mufflers and gas tanks so it's good. After I did my mesh mod and didn't paint it I took all the paint off the grab bar and polished that so now I have some good looking accents of chrome like. Brings me back to my bar ends post, don't take the paint off those.
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