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What is this stuff

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How much is it, and where can I get some?
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jdog said:
I did my Kat like that. I, along w/ alot of kpers use gutter mesh(mesh mod). I got my at home depot. 5"x8' roll for like 8 bucks. I have pics of how it's done on my other computer i'll post them here later.
Yeah definately put them up as soon as possible.. i really like this look, and it seems to be a pretty easy mod to do.
jdog said:
Still waiting for my daughter to email me the pics. But, here is a link to a how to mesh mod on a Katana. Link didn't show half the pics for me but all the detailed instructions are there. Any questions just ask me. Two things off the bat, don't use a glue gun, and make sure the mesh is going the same directions on both sides of the cycle. Not funny, I did it. LOL

the Kat Krew from KP; yeah I remember them.. I'll keep this handy for when I do it..thanks for the info..and when you get the pics, be sure to post em up....oh, btw... why not use a glue gun? does the glue melt from the heat of the engine or just not strong enough?

looking to do this mod at the end of september, when I change the oil, etc.

since this stuff is pretty flexible, it should mold/bend inside the plastic pretty easily..correct?
I thought about painting it, but since the color of my kat is a bit darker, the silver/grey basic color of the mesh would kinda help it stand out and put some more definition in the style of the bike...

I assume you can get the weld stuff at like Home Depot as well ? you guys get very hot summers up there?, asking because I know here, it gets into the 90's humid/and even though Kats dont run hot as a norm..I dont want the glue to break down, and start running all over the if its weld stuff, its gotta be pretty durable I would think though..

thanks for the info!!!!!!!! I appreciate it
Sweet..thanks for the info dude...seems like the worst part of it is taking out all the damn allen screws on the plastic..LOL...

1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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