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what riding boots do you 3 thread search!

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i need some red black size 48 boots. what do you like and use??
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come on guys...

what riding boots do you use. i need to find some for around 100$ what do you like???
what riding boots do you use...

give me some ideas for around 100
SVupON1 said:
:scratch: again!? Isn't this the third post you've made on this one? :lol:
yeah but nobody responded and they are not in the forum. i dont know where they went :readng:
SVupON1 said:
:scratch: I know Gas Man was moderating earlier tonight...and cutting threads and merging things....maybe he did something with it.
oh so what do you like
Earlzach said:
Exactly. I am not pushing the quality, You are after a price range for an "Ok" boot. That too is why I said the Nitro.
I dont plan on going down on a daily basis so unlike a quality Moto-x boot that could acutually be "used" three times a ride. I am interested in a boot that will be comfy everytime I ride but yet be there for the fall "god forbid it happen. Nitro = Under $100.00 with or without slider, great looking boot. Just what the weekend warrior would want. It is not the top of the line but you are not even going to be close with the budget you have placed.
i will see if i can find some
SVupON1 said:
Speros...where did the bouncing jugs go from your sig!????
gas man took it out
pickle.of.doom said:
We are no longer allowed to look at Jugs here at TWF!?! they weren't nekkid!!... What is the world coming to!
i know its :wbs:
Gas Man said:
I have combined all the threads... well besides your "wanted" add in that section.

Gear question in the gear section... who would have tunk! :lol:

As far as the bouncy pic... we have to keep the sponsors and supporting vendors here to keep this site free to everybody. The rules aren't that bad and retain :twfrox: Thanks for understanding everybody...

jeeps84 said:
You will love the Nitro's for the price. I have them and they do a great job.
haha it not speros its just spero. but where can i get some like the ones you have??
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