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what to buy

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okay i am going to sell my dirtbike... i might get at MAX 700 out of it (it is old and looks crapy but runs good)

should i get a jacket first or a rear tire(or a set the front looks good but i forgot if you can mix match i think you can)

just need some experienced imoput... i have acceptable gear now but i am going to get a jacket off the clearence on newenough so i guess i can get the jacket and tires?!?!?! :lol:

so what tires are good and cheap?!?! and can i get just the rear tire?! :sorry:
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Didn't you say that you already have a jacket, helmet and gloves (although not the newest)? If that's the case, then I'd get a tire(s) because that one (those) will need to be replaced soon. But if you do get $700 out of the dirtbike, you should be able to afford the new tire(s) and pants. The Joe Rocket ballistics will be good enough for normal street use. Trust me, jeans won't do squat. I'd rather have an old (but sturdy) jacket and good pants than a new jacket and a pair of jeans.

Also, after buying the new tire(s), remember, they will be VERY slick for the first 60-100 miles, so don't get wild leaning into turns. Slow and easy on new tires.
Several people have said that "yes, you can get just one tire". I was thinking you had a jacket. If you can afford it, grab a jacket and a pair of pants, but yes, at least get the jacket.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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