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what to buy

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okay i am going to sell my dirtbike... i might get at MAX 700 out of it (it is old and looks crapy but runs good)

should i get a jacket first or a rear tire(or a set the front looks good but i forgot if you can mix match i think you can)

just need some experienced imoput... i have acceptable gear now but i am going to get a jacket off the clearence on newenough so i guess i can get the jacket and tires?!?!?! :lol:

so what tires are good and cheap?!?! and can i get just the rear tire?! :sorry:
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Or at least get a JR Phoenix or something - something that will offer protection when riding.. You can get a jacket anyway from $79 to $2,000 and probably higher.. Just get something - hell stitch elbor and back armor into that sweatshirt if you have to..

As far as the tire I have changed backs without changing fronts before but I always matched the same tire that was on there before, etc. And think about it - do you want cheap tires that last a year and you need new ones or do you want to spend a little extra now to get better traction and wear?
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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