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what to buy

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okay i am going to sell my dirtbike... i might get at MAX 700 out of it (it is old and looks crapy but runs good)

should i get a jacket first or a rear tire(or a set the front looks good but i forgot if you can mix match i think you can)

just need some experienced imoput... i have acceptable gear now but i am going to get a jacket off the clearence on newenough so i guess i can get the jacket and tires?!?!?! :lol:

so what tires are good and cheap?!?! and can i get just the rear tire?! :sorry:
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Man, you could get a nice jacket and a set of good rubber for that price. A lot of shops have price guarantees on tires so if you find them cheaper on , we'll say a website, then they'll match it. I just bought some Metzeler Sportec M1's and they are ten times better than my stock dunlops. the front was 93 bucks and rear was 124 , both I got the price from cycle gear and brought the print out to my local shop and they had no problem matching that price. they were trying to charge me 120 front and 150 for the rear. Plus if you buy the tires from them they'll install it free. So look around for shops that will match prices and then try to find the cheapest tires on line or something. that will leave you with about 400 bucks to get some new leathers. cycle gear has frank thomas pants and jacket set for 300 and there bad ass. hope this helps. Later
wow, they matched an internet price and installed them for free also.did you have to take the tires off the bike? ..thats a great deal thats for sure..
It was my dealership and they do take the wheels of for you. Yeah man, it was no hassle at all. In and out.
must have been a servicemen price, cause they lost money on that deal... :dthumb:
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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