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what to do about M.I.P

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last night i got an M.I.P. I was with a couple buddies and we got pulled over. The driver was sober but the tested everyone. I blew a .024. Its my first one and I was just wondering if anyone has gotten one. I need to know what the fines and other stuff is. Im not sure if I need a lawyer or not. Im short on cash right now so whatever would be the cheapest solution. So give me ur opinions please. I live in michigan so i'm not sure if different states have different laws.
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Man you are in Michigan? Bad news.. You probably will end up in Jackson Level 3 - don't worry no serial killers there just a couple of rapists, etc. that like young boys.. You should get out in 3-5 years and the good news is prostate exams won't be so bad in the future.. lol.. :luck:
Gas Man said:
Don't listen to MP! He's just trying to get the best of ya!

I'm with ya Jeeps... drinking under aged was fun.... don't think I really drink that much after I turned 21... I will almost always volenteer to D.D. I don't it lost some of its appeal. Not to mention I almost ended up in the hospital after the night at the bar on my 21st B-Day party! I was WASTED beyond believe...
Always listen to MP because he knows what he is talking aboot, eh.. I have been up in the great white north drinking beer urine that they like to call Canadian beer.. I have been way down South where they bottle up coyote piss and drink it like its their life's blood (along with hot sauce, crackers and sardines).. I have been out West, East.. I was there when the shyt hit the fan on Raineer Mountain.. I have pissed and puked at the same time.. I have puked and pissed and shyt blood from overintoxification.. I have lost major organs due to binge drinking.. But I carry on.. I am not SKERED.. Let them try and use my organs when I am done with them :luck: :sorry:

I never said I didn't drink before 21.. Hell I think if you can read the bottle you are old enough to drink mfr.. I was just giving the youngster a hard time.. He probably knew I was just messing with him... MIP is nothing - just remember always play their game and make them think you are doing what they want you to do and ALWAYS (golden rule) get the fug out of the system ASAP and let them focus on the next johnnie rebel because you don't want to be caught up in the system..
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mlkx3 said:
:withstupi Very good advice, I coulda used it about 10 yrs ago but better late than never.
All my friends have been in the system.. I have eluded and kept my time in the system very brief.. Almost like a ghost to the system.. I can't say more as this is not a secure channel, over.. No matter what here are MP's two golden rules:

1. Deny everything and let your lawyer do your talking - you know nothing about nothing - whether you are caught red handed or not

2. Make them think you are playing their game and get out ASAP - if you have to do 100 hours community service - get in, get it done, smile the whole time, write a fuggin essay about how much you loved it, say you now have a new outlook on life - whatever - just play their game and get out of the system ASAFP..
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