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what to do about M.I.P

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last night i got an M.I.P. I was with a couple buddies and we got pulled over. The driver was sober but the tested everyone. I blew a .024. Its my first one and I was just wondering if anyone has gotten one. I need to know what the fines and other stuff is. Im not sure if I need a lawyer or not. Im short on cash right now so whatever would be the cheapest solution. So give me ur opinions please. I live in michigan so i'm not sure if different states have different laws.
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:sorry: :luck:
Minors shouldn't drink. :nonod:
Go die for your country at 18 but, cant drink until 21. :crazy:
I did most of my drinking before I was of legal age. :whistle:
Walked into a store and bought a 24oz on my birth day and the biotch didn't even card me. :cursin:
For some reason I still have that unopened can. :crazy:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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