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Whatever happened to....

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the sport/touring section? I only looked at it a couple times, even though my bike is considered a sport/tourer. No one ever seemed to post in it. Anyway, today I put on my tank bag, saddlebags, and hippo hands and went to the supermarket via Lookout Mountain. Caught up to a Porsche Boxter S and we raced up the mountain.

We almost bought it on one blind corner, where a tour bus took up his lane and half of ours. Luckily, the Porsche was able to squeeze by or I would have been in his bumper.

I took this picture on top. 1990 CBR 1000F. The tank bag and saddlebags are custom made by RKA. The hippo hands are knock-offs from JC Whitney. The windshield is four inches taller from Zero Gravity.
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talisman_13 said:
Great looking scoot. Don't see many of those...
:iagree: always have liked the early 90's honda's

BTW I must ask about your avatar Talisman...whats up with it? :scratch:
and I like your quote...:buds:
jeeps84 said:
:withstupi and pleas translate the quote.

its something like

"everybody needs to believe in something, I believe I will have a another beer"
jeeps84 said:
That works for me but the avatar is still disturbing. :leaving:
I agree but if you take a closer look at the person on bottom, it looks like there are some locks of long blonde hair that its just hard to see. So that person might be a she, just a bad angle is all.
talisman_13 said:
Ok, ok! Yes, snadamo, everyone must believe something, I believe I'll drink another (beer is the preferred drink in my area...bunch of drunks :cheers:), and those are long locks of blonde hair. Not mine. The avatar in question is me holding the chick's leg I'm dating for the present. We were at an openair and it just seemed like a good idea. Anyway, she thought this looked better than my last one of me at Oktoberfest. I'll be changing that and the quote sometime shortly.

Keep the quote I like it!!! (beer is the preferred drink of my household as well :D) The angle of the picture led us to believe that it wasnt a lady you were holding. But I saw the long hair and now it makes sense. You need to get your gorgeous R6 up in that avatar space man. Its beautiful!!! :drool: (not to say your lady friend is not)

sorry to :jacked: , but see what happens when you want to start a sport/touring section? :lol:
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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