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Whats the Hardest I can launch without lifting the front wheel

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I know there are way too many variables to give a difinitive answer. But how about a ball park.. Lets say at the track in 1/4 mile, what is the hardest i can launch with my gsxr 750 thats mostly stock. What is the best method, dump the clutch @ 4-5K rpm and put all my weight to the front, or should i be slipping the clutch. Should I be expecting any wheel spin, or is hooking up not too big a deal here.

at what point is my front wheel going to come off the ground
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bumblebee said:
You need to PM GSXR Jack...he does some drag racing

But as you said...there is not general answer to this... depends on the bike, its power, the track, the person riding, the weather, way too many variables!

Besides, no newbie should ever try this for a few years at least... :2cents:
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