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What concerns you the most when riding....(you may vote for more than one)

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Need4Speed750 said:
something else that freaks me out from time to time..ever since that chicken truck getting smacked in the head or chest by a bird!!! it doesnt happen to often, but trust me when it does, it scares the shiet outta you. :eek:
Ah man I was riding to Mid-Ohio and a damn chicken hawk almost took my head off. It was a big a$$ hawk and it flew out of the tree from nowhere. I thought it was taking off but it just flew right across my line on the freeway. I ducked, no pun intended, but I don't know how close I actually came to having it take my head off. Dyno was riding behind me and saw the whole thing. All I could say after was "Did you see the size of that chicken?"
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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