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mxracer617 said:
It has a yosh. TI pipe and and air filter. But other than that no motor mods.
I put a hot bodies untail kit on it really made it look nice.

welcome to the site !! be sure to post up in the newbie thread in general off topic and let everyone know ur here! :thumbs:

how long you been riding?

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Mudpuppy said:
The WOS Crew representing.. Still working on cleaning up some of the pics but you get the idear.. Mudpuppy, Super, Twisty, Haz, Haz & Twisty - at least I think that is Haz? Appears to be... I wasn't there that day they did the double wheelie..
You forgot to say who was in those pic's
21 - 40 of 51 Posts
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