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wheels UP!!

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499hp busa..
bustin wheelies...
not sure if yall seen it..
but pretty freaken crazy if ya ask me...
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Impressive....I just wonder where all these cagers get the idea that bikers are irresponsible.....lets see; closing speeds with traffic IN THE SAME DIRECTION..+120 MPH...if ANY of those idiots connected with a car, they'd have killed everybody involved....nothing left but red jam.....

I once made a similar comment about another such stunt on another a comment that "only the biker is taking a risk"....OK, sure.

Olde Wet Blanket
bumblebee said:
If it's too're too old...
I'm currently dragracing (track) a blown 1320 was an 1100, but I needed more....

If you think that kind of stuff is OK for the street.....'nuff said.
rideME said:
:iagree: but a bike hitting a car, i would think its more likely that the
guy on the bike would die.. but as for the driver of a car has MUCH
higher chance of serviving... either way i too have learned that a bike
aint nothing to F wit...

Since Energy is a function of velocity and mass (E= Vsquared X Mass); a 250Kg Haybusa rearending a car at a closing velocity differential of 200 Km/hr (not including the rider, another 80-90Kg) releases in the neighborhood of .53 x 10 sixth power joules. High explosives release around .43 x 10 sixth power/ Kg. So a bike and rider crashing into the rear of a car at those speeds, releases more energy than 5 lbs. of high explosives INTO THE CAR.......ain't nobody walkin' away from that wreck.............................
Stunt4Life said:
..........theres nothign wrong with going upwards or 180mph just dont do it when theres ppl on the highway only like on a big straight of the highway with less than liek 3 cars

Lets see, 180 MPH is 3miles/minute, 1 mile every 20 seconds, 1/2 mile EVERY 10 SECONDS, 1/4 mile every 5 seconds; almost 300ft/second. Now try SAFELY judging details and distance; most people cannot do so much further than a couple hundred yards, if that....especially experiencing the "tunnelling effect" moving at high rates of speed. It's one thing to take chances with your life; quite another to do so with innocent bystanders.
OOOOPS!....just read your profile...never mind. Just PM me when you get your license....I want to be sure I'm not on the same roads you are when you start street riding.:wbs: Where in PA do you live, so I can avoid it?
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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