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wheels UP!!

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499hp busa..
bustin wheelies...
not sure if yall seen it..
but pretty freaken crazy if ya ask me...
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Stunt4Life said:
tghats if it hit instantly if you take into the account that there is about 5ft or so of empty space in the canrr that absorbs very much of the impact.
undobtly it will "total" both and kill the rider but the drive should get away with almost minimal injuries if he dosent rool it or go off the road into crap.

theres nothign wrong with going upwards or 180mph just dont do it when theres ppl on the highway only like on a big straight of the highway with less than liek 3 cars
And That make it OK?:scratch:
oldetymebiker said:
OOOOPS!....just read your profile...never mind. Just PM me when you get your license....I want to be sure I'm not on the same roads you are when you start street riding.:wbs: Where in PA do you live, so I can avoid it?
maybe he doesnt understand how fast 180mph really is???

Ive done 180mph in a car before.....but i just went the fastest I have gone on a bike yet yesterday...

153-155mph (speedometer)....which is really probably only 145 or so.... but still....thats damn fast on two wheels...

Id love to see someone who talks like 180mph is nothing....grab the throttle and wait for that magic # to appear....its no cakewalk....above 130mph you really have to get low and stay focused or else you get all wobbly!!! lol
:yikes: OUCH!
When mid-corner goes bad! :willy:
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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