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When did ARAI change their policy?

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I know Arai are really good helmets and I know the old saying " if you have a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet" but,

IMO $500-$600 for a helmet is just f'n rediculous. said:
I agree. Especially when dealer cost is half that. It's a great money maker for the dealerships in areas that have the clientel and enough traffic in their store and can sell them at that price. We don't have the amount of local/walk in traffic to support even what our minimum order would be (And that's pretending that you could possibly predict the color/size combos you'd need). We have plenty of racer customers that want to buy Arais ... we steer them toward OGK.

There are a few places you can actually get a reasonable price on the helmets, but with the anti-competative restrictions Arai places on the market, few see the need to discount.

- Roach
OGK??? Never heard of them, are they reasonably priced??? Quality??? said:
OGK is awesome, and they just recently dropped their price to $299 for both solids and graphics. You should see a banner for them on the left side of your screen. That is our OGK distributor who has a banner on here now.

All of us at speedwerks used to wear either Shoei or Arai, and now we all wear OGKs. First helmet I've seen the guys crash in at the track and not walk away with a head injury. They are super light, has awesome ventilation, the parts on the helmet are replaceable, the cheek and head pads are able to be changed so you can make the helmet fit your head perfectly. They really are an excellent helmet.

I really can't say enough great stuff about these helmets. So much so that we chose to stock a ton of them, which we typically don't do a lot with helmets. We are firm believers in them. They are awesome and I will always wear an OGK now. They are really big in Europe and Japan, and are just starting to make a name for themselves in the U.S.

Very good, thank you. I will be in the market for a new helmet in a few months. Although, I have 5 helmets plus, I like to replace every few yrs just from age, wear, etc...
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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