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When is it to windy to ride?

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For your abilities or just general comfort level, when do you think it is to windy to ride? Seeing as how this is my first full summer of riding, I find that almost the slightest breeze has me grabbing the grips a bit tighter on the road. I'm getting a bit more comfortable as I fine tune my balance, but when I see the flags snapping in the breeze out the window, I get a bit worried about my ride home.
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In Oklahoma it's rare that it's not windy. I rode home one day when it was 30mph w/ gusts nearing 50mph. That was definitely too windy. .that flat out sucked. lol

The first few times on the highway in the wind were pretty frightening, but I don't even think twice about it now. Anyway, to answer the question I'd say about a steady 25mph+.

In general just relax and look forward. If the wind is coming from the right, push right a little bit. Trust the bike and you'll be fine. :thumbs:
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