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When, or DO, you replace the rubber hoses?

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When had my airbox off there were two rubber tubes attached to some device that was screwed onto the airbox. I noticed the rubber was starting to crack and started looking at the rest of the hoses. None are really bad, but there are signs they getting old.

I squeezed the coolant hose and it didn't crack or make any noises, it seemed fine, but the some of the others are looking like they're on the way out.
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I would say the coolant hoses first... those little hoses hooked to the airbox probably go to the motor for crank case pressure or whatever....

But I have never changed the coolant hoses on a MC... think about a car... don't usually do those till like 50K or so... and they go thru a ton of abuse and idle time!
I don't know anybody that has replaced the coolant hoses on a bike out of pure PM!
bumblebee said:
I do! PM is cheap...have you ever had a hose or belt break, or a tire go flat at a convenient time??...Hoses are cheap and easy to replace...I change mine when I flush and change the cooling system fluid...
I agree that PM is cheap...maybe I just haven't kept a bike long enough to worry about it!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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