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When, or DO, you replace the rubber hoses?

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When had my airbox off there were two rubber tubes attached to some device that was screwed onto the airbox. I noticed the rubber was starting to crack and started looking at the rest of the hoses. None are really bad, but there are signs they getting old.

I squeezed the coolant hose and it didn't crack or make any noises, it seemed fine, but the some of the others are looking like they're on the way out.
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Coz1100 said:
I just had this problem with my guzzi. Let me tell you, that was fun. For the most part (with a few exceptions of certin bikes) if its not fuel, coolent, or oil don't worry about it.
:iagree: and Gas Man should be right on as well.
Your on the right track also. Look for the obvious like cracks and or swelling. If the vent hoses that you described were break off. About the worst thing to happen would be. Losing a little power due to losing pressure in the air box and see some steam from the hot oil in the motor. As for the fuel, oil and coolant hoses. Check your service manual or contact a service shop for recommendations of time/mileage.
The only motorcycle coolant hose I have replaced was on my 998 after the crash.
Coz1100 said:
You know, it always amazes me how you can get in depth about some of the smallest things. Like the subject of oil. You can go all day on that one. :leaving:

Anyhow, your right, a hose is a hose. But the PM is a LOT cheaper milling a warped head.

:iagree: but only in recommended schedule. What ever that may be for the bike in question.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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