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When, or DO, you replace the rubber hoses?

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When had my airbox off there were two rubber tubes attached to some device that was screwed onto the airbox. I noticed the rubber was starting to crack and started looking at the rest of the hoses. None are really bad, but there are signs they getting old.

I squeezed the coolant hose and it didn't crack or make any noises, it seemed fine, but the some of the others are looking like they're on the way out.
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2000 SV650S right? Are they the hoses into the air box? If so, there is not much to worry about. Just don't mess with them.
Coolant hoses may be another story. The only time I have had to replace them on any bike is when I pulled a duumas routine and nicked one with a packing knife/razor or on the race bike during a 122 degree ambient air race weekend. (another story)
I think the SV riders group or the TL riders group has the maintenance schedule on PDF as well as some of the approved micro fiche slides on PDF. Those should let you know when to replace them.
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