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When ordering my springs..

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About to order my fork springs from race tech. What else do I need to get? Some fluid? What kind and weight should I get? What else will I need?
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Great thread, but chris be a man and do it yourself. I have your service manual in pdf from and it aint that hard.
uuummm how much money you
LOL funny, If you bring your forks over here and we set them up with new fluid I will give it to you......
Very, It doesnt take a genuis to work on these things.
jeeps84 said:
:withstupi Working on them is the easy part!
I've been trying to get the forks on my 998 set! No lusk yet! No warm days to ride it hard enough to get the right feel. :skep:
Your so right, its just getting over you fear of screwing somthing up.
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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